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About Chauncey


I became a Certified Personal Trainer so I could help women gain strength, energy, and the best body they can achieve. I have a strong background in running and dance and combine elements of HIIT, yoga, and strength training into unique workouts. My workout designs are backed by Cooper Institute and American Council on Exercise research and continuing education is always ongoing!

I will customize a program just for you based on your lifestyle and interests that includes cardio, flexibility, and strength training, as well as nutritional guidance. Backed by years of success, the Cooper Institute methods achieve healthy results. You DO NOT have to join a gym, keep up with the latest fitness fads, or purchase expensive equipment. I will train you in your home - your comfort, privacy, and safety are my top priorities. You may also contact me by phone or e-mail for additional support at no extra charge. My goal is to teach you to eventually become your own trainer so you can always be in control of your health, no matter what changes in life come your way.

Even with just one weekly session, we can create and maintain a fitness plan that changes your life! Call me and let's talk about your personal goals.

ACE Certified Personal Trainer - T234293

Cooper Institute Certified Personal Trainer - Certificate # CPTE080822-1908


Please call or text Chauncey at 972-805-7278.

Serving Plano, Frisco, Allen, McKinney, and North Dallas

Price (includes FREE phone/e-mail support):

$70 a session - 1 hour in-home session/week, with written workouts for the rest of the week

$130 a week - 2 in-home sessions/week, with written workouts for the rest of the week

Professional liability insurance through Healthcare Providers Service Organization.

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